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More than 15 years´experience

WMC SYSTEM was founded by Ms. Marnon Fischer, focusing on mediation and training. Meanwhile the company’s business covers not only personal and professional problem mediation, but also professional training for personal career development and business success, as well as consulting services on corporate management, information management, marketing and market strategy formulation.

The ever-increasing work pressure, high-density overtime, we need to keep in touch at all times and the endless flow of information are the characteristics of today’s society. The ensuing questions about one´s own personality, and or the pressure from the outside on oneself is also increasing.


Projects completed

For example: business projects in China, mediation in business disputes, nutrition in stressful situations.

Knowing yourself is like jigsaw puzzle. The first step is to understand the crux of the problem. The next step is to analyze the problem correctly and put the right parts together. It is much more difficult. Which part should we pay attention to?

The more we question ourselves and are looking for solutions to make ourselves better, the more clearly we know that we are not just an individual, but living in a complete space, which means that I should be seen as an overall construct with all self-doubts, uncertain, emotions, family patterns, beliefs, experiences, goals and the environment in which we live.

SHAPE YOUR BUSINESS is a complete set of concept, a complete idea to solve daily problems. We will work with you together to face the problems and challenges which obstruct you, and help you implement sustainable solutions from different perspectives.

The various components SHAPES and its different elements in our complete set of concepts can provide constructive advice for your corporate structure optimization or personal development to help you achieve your goals faster.


If you have any questions, please don´t hesitate to contact.