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WMC SYSTEM GmbH was founded by Ms. Marnon Fischer, focusing on mediation and training. Meanwhile the company’s business covers not only personal and professional problem mediation, but also professional training for personal career development and business success, as well as consulting services on corporate management, information management, marketing and market strategy formulation.

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Our Team

Marnon Fischer

Marnon Fischer, who is a master of business administration, became General Manager for many years of the company WMC SYSTEM GmbH in the field of business and personal training as well as business mediation and conflict management. Thanks to its years of experience in the fields of Leadership and Management in different German and international companies, she knows well the various requirements for small and big company to put their staff exactly in the right place.
In addition Marnon Fischer is heath educationists, medically certified holistic nutritionist, psychological consultant, relaxation trainer, communication and mental trainer as well as trainer for business etiquette.

“Increased performance through analysis and structure”

“The sky is the limit!”

Niels Fischer

The General Manager Niels Fischer focus his activities on consulting, controlling und IT. Through his years of working as operations manager and director in different German and international companies enables him to give practically oriented advice on consulting.



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Kathleen Weber

Kathleen Weber has many years of experience as a pedagogue in development pedagogy and psychology. As an educational and learning consultant, she supports you in solving educational and learning problems and offers professional support for parents, teachers, educators and children. In addition to systemic, solution oriented educational counseling, she advises in school problem, conflict and anxiety situations, offers advanced training in development, education and learning, seminars on collegial counseling, sports and health education.

“Patience, tolerance, acceptance”

“Recognize, change, teach”

Dr. Eleni Kavelara Lodge

Dr. med. Kavelara Lodge advise our clients in all questions that arise in the coaching prozess. She knows exactly the diagnostic and therapeutic interactions with body, spirit and soul
by her extensive experience in the field medical psychotherapeutic area. Dr. med. Kavelara Lodge supports us and our clients in such topics that in the coaching arose.