“We will either find a way or make one!”

(Hannibal, 246-183 BC)

Coaching is the ability to work out the tensions and conflicts in individuals and groups, to find all these interactions and solve them.

We are focusing on creating an agenda-, hierarchy free, confidential special private area for our clients. By which they could find and solve their problems in occupational and personal development dimensions with us together. Our clients are offered a variety of proven approaches that will help them to gain a solid foundation for a successful future.

More specifically, it means that we offer a comprehensive total range of consulting service to assist people with change processes und help them to clarify the variety of different problems. Our role in this process should be seen as a facilitator and catalyst to encourage reorientation processes, personality as well as behavior changes and to train them selectively. For the client, it is import to solve the problems, to find a suitable position and to develop the necessary skills.
In the context of our coaching services, you are calling us with questions regarding the career planning and professional positioning about conflict and crisis management towards communication difficulties, decision-making as well as stress management and burnout prevention.

Let us help you with our complete set of concept SHAPE YOUR BUSINESS to classify your questions and work on them more specifically. Please take a look at the different SHAPEs, let us know on where we can support your challenges am best?


Recognize your own strenghts, develop further you leadership skills, simplify the sourcing of employees


Present yourself and others in the most convincing way, learn to keep the right etiquette depending on time and location


Learn and apply the right techniques to relax, burnout prevention


Develop teams, solve conflicts, establishing cultures, mediations, moderations


Classical nutrition consultancy, adopt to food intolerances, nutrition therapy to minimize stress


Get more movement into your daily life with easy tricks. Access to more concentration and prevent illness


Developement of company strategies, manage company successions, exchange of entrepreneurs


Coaching on the basis of your heart rate variability (HRV), determination of your hormone and stress profile


Personal and career self-improvement, trainings and courses


Educational consultancy in case of early situations of fear, problems and conflicts in schools, collegial advice