Mediation is the alternative to common ways of resolving conflicts. It puts the result into focus – which all parties benefit from. When negotiations are stuck but a functioning relationship is required, mediation can help to find the common grounds and best solutions for everybody – in business and personal life. And the best part is: there is no winning or losing party to blame.

Mediation in enterprises

Conflicts within a company or between companys became daily routine. But they usually end in court and former friends become deep enemies. An extrajudical solution like a mediation process helps to save costs and time. We as a mediator act like a neutral third party to bring all stakeholders together in cases like:

  • business mediation within a company. E.g. conflicts between shareholders, finding agreements between company and workers councils or general questions of power

  • business mediation between multiple companys. E.g. disputes between suppliers and producers or questions after a company merger.

Developing a business culture

Business mediation does not only aim for a one-time solution. It is a chance to improve communication, coworking and culture. With increased importance of globalization and shareholder value, proper communication is more important than ever before. Business success relies on modern organizations and employees that quickly adapt to changing market conditions.

mediation by substitution

What should you do if a traditional mediation process is impossible due to hostile parties involved? A mediation by substituion can be a proper method to find a solution of the conflict anyway. The mediation process happens as usual but the hostile party gets substituted by a second mediator. It helps to point out interests and needs of the hostile party.

With this special type of mediation, we help the present party to find agreements for themselves and future negotiations. Usually, a regular mediation process with all parties follows afterwards with the best possible result: a common and peaceful solution.