Relaxation, deceleration - stress ressistant?

Stress and rushing became part of everybodys daily life. Between all to-dos and quick tasks there is not much spare time left for yourself. How long can I resist this pressure and how long do I want to resist? Unfortunately, most of the time we ask ourselves those or similiar questions when it is already to late and body, mind or soul have been impacted.

Relaxation and deceleration

Methods to relax like autogenic training or breathing therapy can break up tensions and help to get mind and soul back into balance. With easy excercises you can do something for yourself and your deceleration. We would be more than happy to partner up and be at your side as a relaxation trainer.

Stress and hormone profile

Stress and rush damage our health more and more. Every individual handles pressure differently – in personal and business life. Lonelyness, monotony or double load through family and job are the most common burdens. We help to find the right triggers to get back into our personal balance. For this, we rely on modern findings as well industry leading diagnosting techniques.

Get in touch with us if you want to know where you are standing personally. Together we will find out which lines and borders have been hit or passed already and plan the next steps to balance everything out properly.