Educational support

Our educational trainings are offered as an didactical type as well as a support in educational processes. Our consultancy especially plays a role when talking about education of adults. People who have lost connection early in school bring up very special wishes, requirements and problems. Our educational support then goes far beyond of just finding the right methods and techniques. We offer a complete concept of consultancy. Get in touch with us and we would love to evaluate your most effective way of learning.

collegial advice

collegial advice is a special type of counseling interview where colleagues, e.g. managers or project associates provide advice to themselves in job related topics or other focus subjects. We are offering this concept as a group consultation or as an individual interview on eye-level.

Sports and health pedagogy

Excercising has a major relevance for the social, physical and mental developement of young people. It is obvious that the lack of movement can cause motoric residues and damages. With a structured and individual programm, we can help to fight declining and agressive behavior of young people to motivate them for more independence. Get in touch with us – we are here to help.