More than 15 years of experience

WMC SYSTEM GmbH was founded by Marnon Fischer with a focus on holistic coaching. The range of services includes nutritional advice, special cell training as IHHT and Global Diagnostic as vital field measurement as a holistic approach.

“Improving performance through analysis and structure”

As managing partner of WMC SYSTEM GmbH, the business graduate has been active for many years in the fields of prevention and health education as well as business and personal coaching. Due to her many years of leadership and management experience in various German and international companies, she knows about the different demands small and large companies place on their employees and the associated pressures.
Marnon Fischer is also a medically certified holistic nutritionist, psychological counselor, relaxation trainer, mental trainer and seminar leader for relaxation techniques.
This is currently being expanded through further training to become a kPNI therapist. You can find out more under Quality.

“Recognize, change, teach”

Dr. Kavelara Lodge advises our clients on all medical issues that may arise during a coaching session. Through her many years of experience in her work in the medical-psychotherapeutic field, she knows about the diagnostic and therapeutic bridge between body, mind and soul. Here she supports us and our clients if such issues arise in coaching.

Dr. Eleni Kavelara Lodge